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JesterPop Kicks

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Jester Kicks V1

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Me & Project The Mini Jesterpops! are responsible for this post, we read & followed the criteria’s and tested it on the Ropsten Test Network. We intentionally did Pointy tips to showcase a modern lifestyle jester shoe.
The little print on the back is our art work & we do own all rights to it.

We are more then happy to hear about DAO’s feedback & suggestions!

This is how it appears in the backpack:

This is How it appears in the game:

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection approved!

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Thank you very much!

It’a been noticed, that the item in this collection is a rip of this item with some minor changes. Collection disabled. You can replace the item in question with something fully original.

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Hello AndreusAs i noticed that my wearable is not in market anymore but the wearable is different then Mana Kicks, it’ is a modern type jester shoe & based of the basic model of Mana Kicks you can see Mana kicks as a brother to jester kicks.

Well i got permission from the publisher of that wearable since i was the one reselling that model to him>

@Pb4ugo12 is a good friend of mine i created also another cap for them, but at the time i didn’t want to take credit for any of the wearables.

You can see that many people post same wearables but in different/seperate collection just recolored / modeled, thats what i also did with the jester kicks :wink:

Sammy aka @Pb4ugo12 and i worked together on some project

I understand your concern!

and i had a question if there is no incovience happening will my wearable be in the top of the market list again, i would understand it if you cant do anything about that factor but if it is possible could you make it happen for this wearable since i missed the time being on the list.
Thanks again @AndreusAs

It is also my own responsebility to let you know about the wearable i apologize for that
@AndreusAs <3

@AndreusAs I tried to resolve this via DM’s and was met with hostility and denial. Jester claims to have made this from scratch then admitted that he did re-use my mesh. JesterPops had me blocked when they published the wearable so that I wouldn’t see the publication.

We also had a similar incident back a few months ago with the Jester Aura. Jester had asked for the blend file (also against my TOS) so that he could “learn” how to model and make auras. As a friend, I extended this courtesy and let him know for education purposes yes for resell no. Then Jester proceeded to upload a different Aura mesh than I had made and I had to ask him to remove my name from the piece as it was no longer my work. So this isn’t the first time Jester has done something similar.

As much as I don’t want to drag this out and waste time going over this, all my clients are fully aware of my TOS and upon paying deposits/full payment they agree to those TOS

All clients are informed that submission of payment implies acceptance of my TOSHere is the receipt from the original ManaKicks
Pebbele High Top Sneaker Receipt

Jester was the median communicator between myself and Pebbele for the ManaKicks project. When Jester was referring people to me for work, he assured me he was informing them of the procedures and policies. So both parties were aware and paying for the work agreed to those TOS.

The above example of the crowns is non-applicable, as the crowns were all made by the same creator and not commissioned pieces.

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We were clearly talking about the cards there and not the kicks, we have paid you for the shoes you never provided any ToS. The shoes were re designed from a base model that isn’t yours and we provided the sketch base work for you to work with and paid.

Don’t bring stuff up you didn’t mention before and try to create drama over something you don’t own. also the Jester Kicks aren’t fully the same as Mana Kicks. Aside from that you were able to DM me only you were blocked from The Mini Jesterpops! because you were toxic towards me and since i don’t want that in my project we decided to block you. One more thing you said you tried to resovle this via DM’s then why dont you mention our twitter dms here where i asked you What do you want me to do?
You didn’t try to solve it, otherwise you wouldbe told me what you wanted instead.

You are clearly trying to cancel this work due to personal issues with me.

Uploading: EE458DB3-7331-4D28-933C-79FA17B24069.png…
And please show that you actually send me any Terms of Service before without referring to other customers our chats are still visible screenshot that you have send it. Then i will agree to remake a entire new model.

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as you can see she was able to dm me so why screenshot a block acc and then lie about that you tried to discuss and disable you from publication when you was able to see it from my main account where you actually found it from?

Throughout the paymen we never discussed that she even had a To, and i dont believe she even had one at that time NikkiFuego was a small creator that barely made wearables unless i got her customers!

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I also never asked a blend file, why are you lieng i just asked if i was able to remove some cards to other places.

Also remember that you are clearly using our model and trying to claim it from us by creating drama which you shouldnt be able to do when you used our in real product as a example.

i’m really happy that we play open cards right now over DM i was trieng to be really polite to you since i didn’t want to create drama over this wearable but here is my proof that you are using our in real life product to design the blender model
with our permission and we provided a payment for that.

You can see me send Nikki our in real life product with Sammy which we wanted to convert into a wearable since i told sammy that i had a designer for him that was able to create a blender mesh he agreed to pay for it.
She isn’t being creative or anything creating a shoe from skretch, she is being hired to make our model on blender.

@NikkiFuego is also asked you what you want me to do now and you never gave me a clear answer on what to do? So are you really trieng to solve this or are you just being Hateful?

I’m really sorry that it had to come to this, this is my first wearable that i tried to publish since i came back from my mental issues and you are really dissapointing me. It is really killing my motivation to try and that it had to come from you NikkiFuego that i used to promote, work with and give alot credit in my community to try fix customers for you makes it even worse!

I can’t blame you for my depression which i completely understand but you are just being unreasonable, when you never provided me that screenshotted ToS. NEVER!

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@NikkiFuego I want to adress something here. What Nikki is accusing injesterr is abnormal. He worked 24 hours straight on making wearables and to see that Nikki is trying to take him down with false accusations is really frustrating me. Injesterr was in a tough period, he was depressed and luckily he is in a recovering stage but It makes it so much worse when people like Nikki is trying to get in his way for doing absolutely nothing. he BOUGHT that wearable. he DESIGNED it by himself. There was no contract or anything else. I really hope you find peace with yourself because your behavior isn’t normal. Trying to ruin someones career, and impassion is beyond ugly for a human. Ps Im injesterr’s partner and its affecting us.

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Can this be reapproved again?

My preference is the first model and haven’t changed the representation yet, i think i have every right to publish that one since nikki is the creator of the base model and not the owner, we paid her to make a model we already owned and never showed any ToS and where she assumed we knew that i can publicly share the whole conversation i have had with her because i think the defamation she is commiting is really making her lose credibility as a creator. The whole concept making this really turned out unfortunate since the second model is meant to become a V2. If we are not allowed to publish the Jesterkicks V1 for a weird reason i do have a spare model , i would appreciate it if you took a look to approve it <3

The spare model is currently 1.8k Tris
Thats over the required amount but we did’nt see this comming so i hope you would not mind about it.