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Jardineiros Planet Hemp | PIET

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Jardineiros - Planet Hemp | PIET

I will check collection now

please weight paint front bottom part of t-shirt to legs bones

also, you will need to provide ip rights to team

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi, @theankou, we already fixed the bug. could you please review again?

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wearable is OK now,
but: thumbnail should have transparent background
also, i didn’t heard any news about IP rights from legal team, can you send IP rights please?

ok, I did it! anything else?

I sent the email for them but they didn’t replied me yet.

I will ask them for response

it seen that email is wrong… could you please check it? is the only one and right address…

collection approved!

@theankou why is it still “under review”?

bug, let me re-approve collection once again

collection re-approved! should be good now