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Jacket Collation

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Hoodie Jacket

Hey, will review the collection now

  1. Reduce the amount of textures and materials to 2 each (4 and 4 currently).

  2. Missing polys in this area:


  3. Rigging issue on the bottom of the wearable. Looks like bottom edge loop is not fully rigged to the hip bone, hence the gaps between upper body and lower body during animations:


Thanks for the update!

I will change and upload it again.

Hello, I updated my collection. Please review it again.

Hey, no issues seem to be fixed at all, one more can be seen here:


Hello, Thanks for the review.

I recently update it with corrections please check and review it again.

  1. The maximum allowed amount of materials and textures is 2 and 2 respectively. It’s 5 and 5 now.

  2. Slight clipping issues here, consider finetuning a little bit more. Don’t forget to test the wearable on the Ropsten testnet:


please review it again, I updated my collection.

Thats a dope jacket! I love the space theme and character :smiley:

It’s still 5 materials and 5 textures atm. Reduce to 2 and 2 respectively.

Clipping issues got more apparent:


Please check it. I recently make the correction and update it.

  1. Still 5 textures and 5 materials. Reduce to 2 and 2 maximum.

  2. Holes here again

  3. Bottom edge loop of the jacket don’t seem to be fully rigged to the hip bone, hence some problems here, for example.


Thank you for your review. I submitted an update please check it.

hello, Are you there?

Hi any update for my Jacket Collation?

Hey. Still 5 textures and 5 materials. Would you mind fixing it before we can move to other possible issues?

Now I update with reduce 2 textures and 2 materials. Please check it.


Now its done. Please review again.