Collection 'Jacket Collation' created by 0xc729...b1c21 is ready for review!

I updated the file submitted.

Hi Any update for my collection?

Hey, almost good to go. Just make sure the top bottom vertex loop is fully rigged to the hip bone, and 1-2 loops higher than the bottom one are rigged to the hip bone to at least some extent.

And another thing I noticed - make the background of the thumbnail fully transparent.


Hello AndreusAs,

I updated my collection. Please review it.

Hi Any update for my collection?

Hello AndreusAs,
I need your help.
How to publish these land scenes in public?

Because I have already published on Scene pool.

Hey, collection approved!

As of the scene publishing - can’t really get what you mean, could you specify, please?

Hi are you there? I clarify my issue.

I’m trying to highlight my land scene that I uploaded and published. After clicking Publish, the message “Wait for reply to your mail” is displayed. What’s next for the ground scene?

What does the e-mail say?

I didn’t get any email yet.

Do you have a LAND to publish your scene on?

yes, I published scene on land for publicly.

Have you answer of my question?

I’m afraid, I have not.


Why is my collection under review? I submitted the review month ago.

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


Strange indeed. I have re-approved the collection.