Collection 'Invisibility Hat ' created by 0x594e...95c8b is ready for review!

Hi @DCLDating !
As an experienced user I would like to know what you think about this wearable I’ve created.
Is not a crazy piece like this one, but I think you’ll appreciate the polygon design :pray:

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This will be a sleeper item, should be super limited item. Well done

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this is so wild! people really pushing the limits! I love this!!!

Thank you so much! :raised_hands: @dogman

@Cryptonian Thank you!
hope you can see it for sale soon.
Please take a look at this one too, let me know what do you think! :pray:

@Cryptonian @DCLDating @michi
I have been thinking about what you have told me about misleading category. I take a look at the marketplace and at other wearables and I think this is not definitely a full body, but a single accessory.
A magical accessory that makes you invisible and have nothing to do with the body parts.
I think I’ve found the only way (I don’t want to be arrogant, but…) to make a UNIQUE ACCESSORY that gives superpowers. It’s like someone making a shirt with wings that in DCL gives you the power to fly. This is an accessory that has the power to make you invisible!
Curious to see what the committee thinks about it :thinking:

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A really smart idea for me! I’m curious to read the opinion of the committee… fingers crossed for you!


We are all curious and waiting for an answer ! Thank for your support @METArtisan :crossed_fingers:

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This is CRAZY!! :joy::joy::joy: genius idea, hope it will accepted!

So cool! Is it Unique or Mythic? Your words say Unique but in the picture the background color is mythic.

It’s an awesome idea, and I was just thinking about how cool something like this would be, but wasn’t sure if there would be any conflicts with rules or wearable policies. Good luck, really fun idea!

Hi @Frank , the rarity is Mythic. 10 peaces
I said unique for the superpower, I don’t see any other way to give the objects magical actions at the moment.
About the rules, I did what the editor allowed me to do :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the support!


Wow that is awesome …. Only 10 available hey…. I like the thought of it being magic and provides superpowers… will go great with a project I’m working on

Thank you @Faz
I’m very curious about your project!
Let me know if I can help you


@IlMaltese you’re not the only one hoping for that! There are many of us keeping our fingers crossed and waiting for the committee response :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

A little bump for review :grin:

@Faz I think there will be a struggle to get them :eyes:


Love this idea, have you thought about just making the hat visible? What about allows certain people to be able to see you. Would love to talk about how you accomplished this!!

@einstein agreed … just have to hunt down someone who gets it them haha

@Faz Yeah, but it might be more complicated than expected…how do we find them? :thinking: Damn them! :rofl:

@einstein will go quick!! once there approved will have to jump on it haha or somehow steal one