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Hey, will review this now.

  1. There seem to be an inconsistensy between tint of the avatar’s skin and the tint of wearbale’s skin. Please, make all the “skin” parts of the avatar texture completely white.
  2. There also seem to be a slight clipping issue.


Hello @AndreusAs , i’ve edited the model as requested can you check?

Hey, lots of clipping issues in this area during runing and walking anim. Looks like the waist of the torso is a lot lower than the waist of lower body parts.


Hi, i’ve update the model , also how can i test the walk and running animation by myself ?

Hey, you can test it via Ropsten testnet, use the “See in world” option here

I checked the wearable, there still are some problems during running anim.


i’ve tested it in world and i dont understand what tipe of problem it have, can you explain better?

i’ve fixed the weight paint of the 3D model now shoud work correctly with no clipping

Hey, collection approved!