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Incognito x IYK Hoodie

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Incognito Hoodie

Hello! I created this wearable!

I think the male version is ready to go, but the female representation (which is the same file) is clipping through the lower body stuff. Is there a template available for a female hoodie?

Heya, Reviewing this now!

The female has a higher waist than the male. If you download the female basemesh you can use it as reference to line up the waist line. Check it out here -

Looking good @Wertsdf ! Just a few things to fix

  • Small gap in the waist


  • Penetrations around the waist when running


-Adding tags is optional, but it cant hurt


And lastly. Could you please email with evidence of permission to use the Incognito branding.


Hello! I’ll fix the above errors, thank you!

Please tell legal to look out for an email from, their official email. I’ve previously submitted an Incognito shirt as well: Collection 'Incognitos' created by a#13eb is ready for review! which got approved and was an official airdrop in the Incognito community.

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Hi grimey! I’m getting this error when trying to open the GLB from that Github link in Blender. Do you have a .blend file?
Pasted File at February 22, 2022 1_50 PM

Yep I can send you a blend. I’ve sent you a friend request on discord!

Just updated both the male and female representation - hope it works!

This is now approved! Cheers!