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Incognito Airdrop Shirt

Checking this wearable!

Hey a#12eb! The male representation is ok but the female representation is clipping. (532.8 KB) In this .zip you can find a blend with both representation and the male/female glb. I hope it helps! You only need to change the UV mapping.


Hi Shibu!

Thank you for the feedback. Right now, the item is set for both genders. Would you be able to change it to only be for the male gender so I can upload a female representation? Right now I don’t see the “add female representation” button.

hey @Wertsdf ! Try here:

Just went ahead and added it - please let me know if it’s ok!

Thanks :smiley:

Hey @Wertsdf ! Is still clipping with the majority of the lower bodies.

Try to weight the hip vertices to the hip bone to solve the issue.


Hey @Shibu this is what I get when I use your template directly, so I had to modify it. Is there a better template I can use? (532.8 KB)

Let me know if these work for you!

This looks to be the same files, identical to the screenshot I’ve shared above.

TShirt_Template (828.3 KB)

Sorry, this one should be fine!

This template you’ve just given me is still clipping with the “Brown Skirt” in the editor - is that ok? I think this skirt is unusually large:

@Wertsdf try this one, should be OK and sorry for the inconvenience!

Cheers, (92.5 KB)

Hey @Shibu, thanks for the updated template! I just updated the female representation there, please let me know if this is ok!

Hope you had a good holiday :smiley:

Awesome, collection approved! Happy holidays @Wertsdf !!

Thanks! How would I airdrop these to a list of addresses I have? Is there an airdrop for that? I hope I don’t need to do it manually :sweat_smile:

Hey @Wertsdf, you can use this tool.