Collection 'Igbo Tribe Attire (Lion Head)' created by afroapes is ready for review!

Igbo Tribe Attire (Lion Head)

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Igbo Lion Print Shirt

Igbo Necklace

Igbo Traditional Cap

Taking a look at these now!

Looks like you have some normal issues with the Cap and Shirt. let me know when you fix them by tagging me here!

Also just noticed you have some weighting issues on the hands too

Hi Yannakis… Thank you for the review. I’ve made all corrections. I appreciate @Yannakis

Looks great. One last change tho. Could you change the chain thumbnail to display the earrign on at least 50% of it?

Hi @Yannakis , i made adjustment to the thumbnail. Is it okay now?

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Earring still look tiny on thumbnail. Use this post ast reference.


Hi @Yannakis , thanks for the reference. i made adjustment to the thumbnail. i think its better now. Is it?

Yeap you got the point just make the chain a bit smaller on the thumbnail and the earrings a bit bigger so the earrings appear bigger or same size as the necklace since its the main asset. Once you have that let me know and I’ll approve asap!

Also might be a good idea to make the beanie a bit smaller on that area so the avatar doesnt appear half bold :joy:

Hi @Yannakis , i made both adjustment. I really appreciate your response and time. Please i have a collection that looks abandoned. Can you help me review collection?. Collection 'Access Mask' created by afroapes is ready for review!

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Collection approved! Oh… Will try to forward to the currator that took this one.

Thank you very much @Yannakis . My experience with you has been superb. I really appreciate

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Really happy to hear that! Thanks for being so cooperative! Have a great day!