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Access Mask

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Access Mask 01 Wearable


Hey, interesting mask!

The only issue i have is that the thumbnail is quite different from the actual appearance, i can see all the details are the same but the colors look very different ingame. So i’d ask you to change either the thumbnail to match more with the ingame version or the other way around

corrected, used default thumbnail now. Thank you

like I said before am keeping this mask for my son 15years birthday great work @afro apes

this mask will be worth millions one day mark my words. :wink:

Hi @Chestnutbruze , i’ve made adjustment over 18days now. I hope everything is okay?

Hi @Sango , is @Chestnutbruze still available. I made correction to thumbnail and it’s over 18days now with no response. Is everything okay?

Hey sorry for the wait, checking it out right now. Next time when you make a change feel free to ping me like you did now

Thank you @Chestnutbruze , i just recently learnt about ping. Sorry that’s my bad

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