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Idoru Dragons Tooth

Idoru Head

Idoru Upper

Idoru Lower


This is a badass set, but it seems to be over the allowed polygon count. Also, the proportion and scale by itself is excellent, but the set gets comical once you mix certain pieces—whether that’s positive or negative, I thought I’d share :joy:

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Sad that the polygon count is over the allowed one because the set looks dope :heart_eyes:

This took months of intensive work, its not meant to be combined with anything else, its sold as one set in mythic category for a high price, 4 are reserved and only 6 will be available, it is a little on the heavy side but the owners will agree to never wear the set more than 1 together at an event. I have been happy doing years of work since end 2017 helping promote Decentraland, I would appreciate this little favour of allowing me to go a bit over the usual allowance here. I was initially going to list this build as legendary but chose mythic with a high price as the model ended up being a bit heavy and this will make the build extremely rare in world. The is some of my best work to date it took so much time and energy to make for Decentraland, thank you


It’s clear to see how much love went into creating this, Mike, as it looks incredible. I hope it works out for you. Not sure how you’d enforce keeping the pieces all with the same owner—if that’s the intention, would it be better to have it be a one piece ‘onesie’ so to speak?

Thank you, i wish i could list as one complete character but have had to make the compromise this way from the wearable interface, i would like to list as bundle set on opensea but even if the character parts are for sale in single segments, i think owners would be incentivised to display their investments in the best possible light

I was hoping to do some bundles as well, but unfortunately OpenSea does not currently support Matic asset bundling for sales. Hopefully in the near future!

Thats an amazing bit of work there on the suit, a lot of blender time i would imagine.

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Hi Folks

Its been a while

I have a brand new full skin version of Idoru for review

Massive optimisation on all mesh; rigged again, mapped again - tweaked to fill in cover areas where the vertices don’t exist anymore, various maps baked again with effects and crunched onto same image planes to save on space, massive compression of each texture map

If you can let me know how I can submit the new model that would be great thanks.


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Hey! Will review this one :slight_smile:

You can either publish it as a new collection for additional fees, or change an item in the existing collection (this one), but you will have to make sure that all the other items in this collection are in compliance with the wearable guidelines.

Hey AndreusAs, thanks for the fast response

I don’t see the option to change this original item in place for the full skin, perhaps i’m missing something?

The fees were already paid on all these 2 years ago, will I be refunded the 3 category’s that are not needed anymore as the skin is just 1 category?


Try this:

Unfortunately, there is no refund, and all the items that are not needed can’t be removed either due to them being minted on the blockchain after publication.

So, the only way to publish a single item is by creating a new collection.

Oh that’s too bad about the refund…

Anyway I managed to upload the new glb “Idoru” with those instructions, thanks

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I was wondering what happened to this collection!!! wow, amazing work optimizing the wearable to still retain the details!!!

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This is super cool I’ve always wanted the CYBER SOLDIER so so bad I mean like so so bad haha

@FatherFin @StoneyEye Ahh thank you so much for the kind words my friends! :heart:

Be cool if i could lend you the suit for a while Stoney!!! :smile: i’d be down

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Whaaaaat!!! Where do I sign up for that :eyes: That would be epic AF @cybermike

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Hey @AndreusAs I uploaded the new version of Idoru with the backfacing mesh in (only where needed) and weighted correctly, so inner mesh around collar and jacket do not appear see through in world.

What would be the best thing to do about the other elements in the collection I do not need anymore? I’m open to suggestions.

Best Regards


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just my two cents, since you’ve already paid for the other item slots, use up the elements to add accessories, i.e. earrings, top head, mask, etc. for example, make something that goes on top of the head to take up top head slot and include some badass cyber wings or jetpack