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Hey, @cybermike !

@Refraction suggests the right thing to do.



Great idea @Refraction Thank you very much for the advice! :heart:

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3 New Heavy Armour elements to fill in the other available slots, built everything myself from scratch

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. The Idoru skin needs it’s material and texture counts reduced to 5 and 5 mximum.

  2. The Jetpack atm is a mask, and a mask is an accessory. Accessories can have no more than 500 triangles. Consider reducing to at least 700-800.

  3. The neck part on the helmet isn’t attached to the body.

  4. Looks like the proper female representation is missing here:

4.1 And the black area on the body - looks like it wasn’t intended to be such.


Thanks for the feedback @AndreusAs will get working on those mods

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  • For “Idoru” - I managed to stack 2 baked clothing and skin maps together and re-bake diffuse. Was tough to keep skin in stack and intact. would it be possible to let 6 maps and textures slide on this occasion, i got the png’s texture map down to 91KB and the rest are all way compressed down too. unfortunately if i use the png in blender for emission source. it is counting the texture as an extra one, … so i had to use a pink colour for the emission, unless its ok to use the same png for the emission source in this occasion?

  • Another thing that is concerning me for later is the prices are all wrong on each item, wondering if this can be changed prior to minting?

  • Also when i try to upload my personalised display image it is giving a filesize error despite the png being compressed all the way down within limits via

Many Thanks

  • CM


  1. Considering this being a mythic skin, we can go with that.
  2. Prices can be edited via builder at any time, no problem.
  3. Here is possible solution:


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Hey @AndreusAs I changed the categories around a bit with jet pack if that helps with the current setup for the armour mods.

I also added a completely new version for the women model variant.

I need to see how I can get “Idoru” skin character to be uploaded on the server (spent a great deal of time on just that before) seems to be going just over the 2mb no matter what i do with the display image unfortunately.

Regards - CM

It managed to just take the default png image that was created for “Idoru” skin… but they dont look great…

Yeah its really hard to stay under 2mb sometimes. I usually just make one of the textures a JPEG and that fixes it. Trust I know it sucks to sacrifice resolution. If you have a material with a texture on emissions you can usually make that a JPEG without even noticing a difference. Or if your textures are 1024 you could make one 512 and that would probably do it.

Hey! Could you please send me both the model and the thumbnail via DM?

  1. There is also a category misinterpretation atm. The helmet shouldn’t be a Hair, and the jetpack shouldn’t be a Helmet.

  2. This is visible quite often, please, consider hiding it:

  3. The black parts on the torso are intended to be there?

@AndreusAs @StoneyEye Thanks guys!

I will get on that.



No I’m not sure exactly how to go about the torso and skin areas, maybe i should use some of the arm texture for the torso and leave the skin arm uv’s as is? i dont know why its showing as black as i did not move the original torso uv’s or change the node name. Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks

Have like this now for both masculine and feminine versions -

I am unsure why both versions have a black colour on parts of the skin mesh, i kept the uv’s and names the same for that.

Hey! This looks fine, imo.

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Great im fine with everything if we could possibly get 1 of the png’s i sent used for Idoru. I had no luck with them unfortunately. Thanks @AndreusAs

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991