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Ice Squad - Limited Edition Drip

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**Ice Squad Puffer Jacket **

Hi! Checking collection now!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

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female representation overlaps with most standard legs:

male version is OK

do you have IP rights to use ICE with diamond icon? Please provide them to team

DG Team did not give permission to do so. please have this adjusted.

Hello Theankou,

I have uploaded the female version. I am asking Miles for permission or maybe the DAO needs to approve?

I will get back to you asap.

Kind Regards,


You will need to provide Ip rights to team :slight_smile:

Hello Kristian,

I have been sick with covid but hope to get all this sorted asap for you.

Kind Regards,


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take care @zacharina !

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Hello Theankou, my apologies for the delay -I have been recovering slowly but finally feeling much more productive. For this jacket I have decided I will keep it male representation only and then add another item to the collection once I have perfected the female representation of it.

Also regarding the IP with Ice Poker, I did not get any clear answers from the team so I am changing the collection name and have also changed the design to ensure I do not need any IP permissions. This is a whole separate jacket now and it more aligned with people who are ‘diamond hand’ types in crypto and NFTs.

Please if you can assist me to change the collection name from the current one to this one:

The Diamond Squad Puffer Jacket - Limited Edition

The design itself has been completely overhauled so there is no affiliation or requirement of me to obtain any IP permissions from DG.

Please tell me if all is ok to go ahead with this mint!

Kindest Regards,


Hi! Sorry, but after publish you can’t change collection name, however, i think “Ice Squad” doesnt break any IP rules

Thank you for update, i will check your wearable today

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@theankou Okay, thank you for explaining the collection name won’t be an issue. I look forward to getting this wearable minted!!! Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hello Ser,

Is there any update with this?

Kind Regards,


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Hey Zacharina! Sorry for delay! Checking collection now!

I think diamond icon should be removed to avoid association with “Ice”, sorry

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Hi @theankou theankou,

How can I have the whole collection name removed and the MANA refunded so I can then resubmit a whole new wearable with a different logo. This is getting a little too messy and I know the name of the collection is the issue here. A diamond emoji is a diamond emoji, and there are no tags associated with Ice Poker anymore -the only association was the name of the collection which I want to now delete entirely yet have the MANA paid refunded or set aside for the creation of a new collection name which is relevant to the diamond emoji.

Diamond hands is nothing new in crypto, and is certainly not an IP ownership that can be claimed by the DG for their Ice Poker game. A diamond is as such and I would prefer to just delete the collection name and reissue the jacket with a new name which is more fitting to the community of Diamond handed people out there in crypto.

If DG want to push this further, I suggest @Saus @0xMiles send proof of TM of the diamond logo in the correct IP class. This is actually becoming far too frustrating and frankly disappointing.

Please advise asap because I don’t want this irritating situation to continue.

Kindest Regards,


Sorry, but you cant get refunded, when you was publishing collection you approved terms :sweat_smile:
As i think there are no any IP issues with collection name “Ice Squad”, just need to remove diamond icon or replace it with something else. As i think current version already is OK to go, but i’m confused with diamond icon on wearable model.

There are no any reasons to refund or republish new collection with new name. Just need to a bit adjust icon on model itself.

Ser @theankou this is completely unjustified. I am the artistic creator of this this diamond logo and it is completely different to the one used by DG Ice Poker. Please see the attached PNG file, which is the exact file I created and have used for the wearable. The wearable has this diamond illuminated. I own the copyright to this particular iteration of a vector diamond, and I don’t see it used anywhere else in DG games. This is completely unacceptable to ask me to change my logo design when I have spent time and energy creating it. I am disappointed that this whole process is becoming so convoluted. The concept of a diamond handed crypto owner is nothing new.

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@theankou I’d like to formally request that @Saus and/or @0xMiles provide documentation proving they own exclusive IP rights to use the word ‘Ice’ in association with the image and/or reference to a diamond as well. I’ve seen this issue come up several times as well, and it prompted me to do a bit a research. As far as I can tell, no copyright,patent, trademark ect. has ever been registered concerning this matter. It’s possible I may have missed something, and this is why I am formally requesting proof of their claims. The company is registered out of Virgin, Utah, so I only searched the databases of my own country.

Diamonds have been referred to as Ice for over 3 decades and this company was founded in 2019. Both Vanilla Ice and the collective rap culture have been using this association for 10 times+ longer than Decentral Games.

The easiest solution I see in this matter is to ‘request’ @zacharina add a disclaimer in the item description indicating there is no association with 'Decentral Games - Ice Poker. Though without proof of the exclusive IP rights, that isn’t even legally required.

Kindly provide the community with proof of IP exclusive rights, or an explanation if you would, otherwise I’d like to make a formal request that Decentral Games stop attempting to gate keep by coming after anyone who uses a word they also use. In a supposedly decentralized world and ecosystem this is simply not acceptable.

Best regards to you @theankou. I know you are only trying to do your job, but in my opinion this has gotten out of hand.


I dont understand why we have so much words here, as i told current version is OK and i dont see any issues with collection name. I just asked for small changes for icon, but as i see, it’s ok as it is now.

Collection approved.

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