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ICE Joker

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Winklepickers (ICE Level 1)

**Joker Bauble (ICE Level 1) **

Joker Bauble (ICE Level 2)

Joker Bauble (ICE Level 3)

Joker Bauble (ICE Level 4)

Cap’N’Bells (ICE Level 2)

Cap’N’Bells (ICE Level 3)

Cap’N’Bells (ICE Level 4)

Cap’N’Diamonds (ICE Level 5)

Joker Ruffle (ICE Level 2)

Joker Ruffle (ICE Level 4)

Joker Skirt (ICE Level 1)

Joker Ruffle (ICE Level 5)

**Joker Skirt (ICE Level 2) **

Joker Bauble (ICE Level 5)

Cap’N’Bells (ICE Level 1)

Winklepickers (ICE Level 2)

Winklepickers (ICE Level 3)

Winklepickers (ICE Level 4)

Winklepickers (ICE Level 5)

Joker Ruffle (ICE Level 1)

Joker Ruffle (ICE Level 3)

Joker Skirt (ICE Level 3)

Joker Skirt (ICE Level 5)

Joker Skirt (ICE Level 4)


These look great! I’m excited for more wearables and more players!


nice collection.
hats should hide hair.


Everything seems to be in order here ! approved !


I want all of these!! Every mint is a masterpiece! nice work @Saus !

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Looks like a big ripp off from my livestream (with proof)?
Also jester hat already in market :slight_smile:


This was created in Nov '21. You are accusing me of stealing their work? @InJesterr hat was created 10 days ago.

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I’m not here for approval.
actually, this hat is similar to yours, but without exaggeration, it’s very well made. I don’t think it’s steal.


How do you even know when my was made please explain?
I have alot proof.

also i was first to post mine so that defines alot in this case…


Very good Congratulations!

This collection is really cool, I really liked it. Congrats

Hi @Saus! (cc: @InJesterr )

@Lauretta has reviewed the collection and it seems OK, also she mentioned me about the discussion with the jester hat. We believe that the joker hat is not a copy. They are crafted differently, have a different mesh, colors, etc. so we don’t see why it can’t be approved.



Spamming a thread is not acceptable, this is not a constructive discussion if someone get their whole community to flood a thread.
This is not allowed and can’t continue.
One message to explain the concern of similarity is ok, 40 messages saying it’s a copy is not.


good job

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On this forum you can see that its constructed differently but looks the same & thats why it is disapproved.

My hat may be constructed differently but their looks the same.


Dear community,

Because @HPrivakos tried communicate this issue in private I felt the need to ensure it stays public and friendly.

I would like to know who has the decision making authority, because I want to solve this issue rather then make a big deal out of it.

I was shocked that you would copy my idea. I apoligize for any negative behaviour, I did this in an attempt to bring attention after no response. After all, money shouldn’t buy influence here in Decentraland.



Shibu does and he already got the collection approved as you can see here:

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These look awesome cant wait to get one!!

I do not approve of this because there is already a hat like it in DCL.


@InJesterr (cc:@NikkiFuego)

First of all, @InJesterr the way you are communicating in the forum is disrespectful (for curators and creators) with bad intention and spamming a threat that should be used for technical purposes.

When a curator has any doubt or there is a concern/debate going on it usually reach to other curator/s to hear what they think about. That’s why Laura (who previously approved the collection) reach me about this debate. I reviewed the models and i also see no issue regarding copy infringement. (Also we reached @Malloy to give us his input on this and he agreed). So 3 curators of the committee have concluded the same verdict, basically the wearables are not a copy. The decision is already made and it’s final. Please let’s not continue with this discussion.

I think there is a misunderstanding about the concept of copy here. Different variations of archetypes or well known clothing designs without IP conflicts are creative commons license, like the jester hat. It’s like saying that the first one that makes a hoodie has the power of all the hoodies designs and because of that it’s a copy, makes no sense.

Next time try to be kind with other community creators, is the best way to solve conflicts. And let’s keep building :pray: