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i will review this now

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could you adjust it so it does not clip with most trousers?


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yes i will work on this now, thank you so much for the review!

Quick question, i’ve tried this wearable with every lower body item and it only clips on the long trousers. Every other item works perfectly, i have adjusted to compensate for this but it’s difficult to stay true to the design. any suggestions?

if you can get it to work with a few long trousers that should be fine. sometimes if you just make the ankle wider it solves the issue

Okay ill try that, thanks for the feedback. Will update shortly

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Okay just updated the item. Let me know if you think this works better!!

this collection has been approved

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AWESOME, Thank You!!!

After i click push changes am i able to mint?

you made some changes?

oh no i see it now i reset the changes and its approved. I had made slight adjustments before i knew it was approved. Thanks again

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Hey sango, if i wanted to change something about the 3d model representation in the marketplace would i have to go through the whole review process again?

no just upload the new version and ping me here to approve the changes

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Hey just uploaded the new version!

collection has been approved

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Thank you, the icon is still grey and has under review when i logged in it. I didn’t know it was approved. Its the same edit

thats been sorted now

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Thank you everything looks great, I do have another question. My boots light up in the seams and on the sole, but on the 3d representation in marketplace it doesn’t glow. Any suggestions on how i could make it glow in the preview mode ?