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Hunnys Royal Bunny

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Royal Bunny Sneaks

Magic Pet Bunny Earrings

Hunny Crown with Bunny Ears

Royal Bunny Skirt

Royal Bunny Crop

Hey DCL friends,
I worked on this collection! Just a quick rundown of the setup:
Bunny Sneaks: Two textures;
#1: Base Colour
#2: Emissions

Magic Pet: Two Textures;
#1: (Earring) Emission/glow
#2: (Bunny) Base UV texture 500x500

Hunny Crown is One/Two textures:
#1: (Crown) Base Texture
#2: Hair MAT

Royal Bunny Skirt Two Textures:
#1: Base Texture
#2: Emission Glow

Crop Top Two Textures:
#1: Base UV
#2: Emission/Glow

I’ve tested everything in Builder with all the emotes but let me know if there’s any clipping on the dress during jump (as all the other emotes I couldn’t see anything), if it’s quite minor it’s ok for approval on our side unless there’s an issue on committee side which I’ll be happy to update!

Super happy to answer any questions~~~
Thank you :pray: :cloud:


Oooohhhh this collection is fire!! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


bump for approval please :cloud: :cloud: :cloud:

Bump for anyone to view this collection lol :cloud:

Reviewing this now :+1:

Hey awesome wearables!

I know they probably don’t have 4 materials and 3 textures, but it shows like that in the builder. It might be because parts of the wearable is not combined, that has happened to me in the past. But reviewing the wearables will go much faster if you make sure the numbers are correct, cause i’ll have to do a test of the wearables to make sure it is within the limitations.

And another thing I noticed is that the hair is categorized as a hat, it needs to be categorized as hair instead.

And lastly, the earring is not an earring. The bunny on the arm should really be a part of the upper_body, that would make more sense.

Hey @Chestnutbruze !
Thanks for giving the feedback! I’ll review the collection and make some adjustments. I would really like the rabbit to be an optional accessory (kind of like the fairy or other ‘pets’), where would you recommend it be placed for approval or other category ideas to have it work with the collection?

Love to get your feedback on the best action to take!
Also happy to chat separately in discord or something some good solutions.

Thank you :pray::cloud:

Hey @Chestnutbruze ,
This collection been updated as per our discussion and I’ve also gone ahead and updated the hair to avoid any clipping with new bunny placement!

Thank you and let me know of anything else I can do to have this approved~