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Helmet of Death

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Skull Helmet


Great design. Please reduce the amount of triangles to be less thank 1500 .


Also, your item is looking good on the wearable tool but not in world, please check if normals are well oriented and try your item in world.

Thank you

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thanks for your comment i fix it . for publish should i pay another 100mana?

i fixed item and loaded it again. what should i do for publish again? its stuck on under review.thanks for your help. this is my first time to publish item

The curators usually have a long list to sort through. It appears that when you make a change you end up back on the list in the order it was received. Also, you do not have to pay the 100 again.


Thank you for your answer.

hello guys , this is my first try to publish wearable and now find how to create items that didn’t have any problem in real world. i use 3d models in library and my helmet was find in blender but in real world that was not ok. sorry for this. i hope this year will be full of success for everyone and specially circle of crypto and meta :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

skull test2
hello guys, i fix my helmet and have not problem . thanks

dear friend can you tell me what should i do now? should i create new topic with this link in this forum?

No, if you pushed the changes, the committee will review and get back to you.


thanks for your help :heart:


Hey @farhadshahgoli ! great work. Model is looking fine, texture uv looks a bit weird. Do you want to fix it?


Please tag me when you are ready.
Thank you!

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thank you yes i work on uv and tag you :heart:

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work on uv and better than before
Skull Helmet

hey @vrglitch , i finish it, do you have time for checkthis? thank you.

dear @vrglitch are you there?

Congratulations!, great work on the textures. Collection approved.

thank you dear vrglitch , :heart:

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How do we test our wearables in world?

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