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Hanabi -fireworks-

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Hanabi -fireworks-

Hello @Samidare checkin this now

Hey @Samidare!
Ther’s a couple of fixes to do before approvation:

  • You need to reduce the scale of the wearable, much more close to the character.
    All shoud be fitted within the bouding box limits.
  • Thumbnail image must be 512x512 PNG with trasparent background.
    The background color is given by the rarity you choose, automatically.

Let me know when you are done :slight_smile:

Hi, Febeeobreen!

Thank you very much for the quick review!

Let me confirm some points here.

  • The scale of wearables
    There was discussion on this topic and it seems that up to 3 m was accepted in the past. Please refer to the following.
    Allowable wearable size
    So i thought my wearable could be accepted, too.
    (The wearable within 3m)
  • Thumbnail image
    The image i used is 512x512 PNG.
    Regarding background color, I think many others are also making there own thumbnail images and do not use ones which are made automatically.
    The color should match the rarity, that’s understood. That’s why I made it purple this time (Legendary).

sorry, i just wanted to make it clear.
Your feedback would be appreciated.

Hey @Samidare !
Sure let me confirm you:

  • The discussion you are pointing doesn’t have any curators member involved.
    As you were suggested: “as a very rare exception 3x3 Meters could be accepted”

  • You can create your custom image of course. You have to respect the technical aspect of it:
    512x512 png with transparent background. (Background = rarity color)
    As soon as you upload your custom png you will see the back color adjusting automatically based on the rarity you choose.

  • Thumbnail image should be representative of the wearable without extra small parts/ letters that will be hardly visible once the item goes live on the marketplace

Your wearable is too large and tall at the moment and cannot be approved.
I suggest you to modifty the design according to the BBbox.

Hi Fabeeobreen,

Thanks a lot for the clear explanation.
Now I got it.
I will get back to you as soon as the correction is done.

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Hi fabeeobreen,

I’ve corrected all the points.
Could you please check it?

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Hello @Samidare
Tech is good! Good job.
About the image: can you include only the fireworks for the thumbnail?
Right now it’s pretty confusing, and the girl with the kimono on the left is not really rapresentative since your wearables is about fireworks. Let me add below an example image of what i mean.

Also, do you want to add any description to your item?

Let me know

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Hi Fabeeobreen

Thank you for your quick reply.
I’ve corrected the image.

Could you kindly check it again?

Hello @Samidare ! Collection approved!

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Hi Fabeeobreen!
Thank you so much for all your support!!

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