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Hallowe’en 2021

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Black H’ween Mask

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Thank you approved! :slight_smile:

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Killer, thank you @HirotoKai! :jack_o_lantern:

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Disabled collection temporarily due to copyright concerns

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Hello Chestnut, thank you for reaching out to me via Discord. We are working on an update to re-publish first thing in the new year to address your concerns. Best ~

Hello @Chestnutbruze ~ The 3D mask .GLB has been updated in the Builder for re-review. While the changes are subtle, we’ve prepared the graphic below to better illustrate the 3D modeling differences between our inspired model and the OSRS mask model in question. I hope this is sufficient for approval to get the item re-enabled in-game. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

these changes are not sufficient, it is essentially still the same mask except the eyes are emissive

In that case, are you please able provide more guidance as to what changes would make it sufficiently different enough to be re-approved? My point above is that I already felt that the model was different enough, but it appears we are on different wavelengths.

Q.Q :disappointed: :cry: :sob: :cry: :sob: :sob: :cry: but the Grinch got approved. Naruto eyes got approved. Demon slayer wearable got approved.

I don’t know about the other 2 submissions you mentioned but naruto eyes had to change it to make it different enough from the original

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making the horns & teeth curved are such minute differences that they don’t really matter. You have to make the design your own, for example change the color, change the shape of the horns, shape of the head.
This is just an example but a change like this on the horns would be sufficient + other changes:

In essence it has to be different enough so that people won’t mistake if for the H’ween mask from osrs, can you confidently say that they won’t with your latest submission?


not really fair to the people that bought the item on the market

Thank you for providing clearer feedback, @Chestnutbruze. While this is certainly feedback that I can use to rework the mask model, I am admittedly struggling to find consistency among the Wearable Committee reviews and what is currently approved and available on the Market.

As an example, Kanye West is very open about having no interest in making NFTs, yet arguably the largest P2E ecosystem within DCL has the bottom right wearable on the market. The shoes on the left are West’s Yeezy 450s. The floor price of the shoes on the right currently sits at 2.3 ETH on OpenSea at the time of me writing this.

Going back to the Halloween mask situation, I am confident that if you were to login to RuneScape and pull up the Decentraland mask in another tab that you’d change your opinion on the uniqueness of the design based on the silhouette and high fidelity geometry compared to the old school low poly inspiration. The horn/teeth shapes are different and so is the head shape.

If you have a moment of time, I would appreciate additional perspectives on the mask being considered a derivative work vs a possible infringement from Committee Members such as @Malloy @HirotoKai @Kat @Shibu et al.

Thank you for your time and I hope you understand that I am here as a long time fan with good intentions. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend ~


Angle for angle the DG Drip Kicks are blatant plagiarism of one of the modern fashion industry’s most influential designers, Kanye West, who has publicly stated nothing of his creation can be produced as an NFT, yet they were allowed. The fact of the matter is these shoes have already been allowed to generate most likely over a million dollars in sales. In fact one day I looked at the secondary sales not long ago and $100k USD had been sold in one day. Kanye West is very protective of his intellectual property and the fact that this wearable generates revenue in a P2E game and DG has publicly shown they have made over $17 million dollars from ICE wearable sales. This presents a huge legal liability for Decentraland that can’t be solved from just delisting the item at this point. I think plagiarism and inspiration should be viewed differently by the committee. Archonomous’ mask is clearly a different 3D model entirely than the Runescape Halloween mask that would not be viewed in a court of law as plagiarism. I love what DG has accomplished and brought to the community, however, the drip kicks presented above create a huge legal liability for their organization and Decentraland as a whole and might show preferential treatment given to certain creators. The allowance of a blatantly stolen design from one of the biggest designers in fashion for a P2E game puts our whole community and what we are building at risk. Archonomous is inspired by Runescape and has repurposed this concept into his own original metafashion pieces and that should be allowed while blatant plagiarism and stolen designs should absolutely not be allowed. I do agree that changing out the horns could be a way to solve the approval issue on this item @Archonomous and make it viewed as more original in the eyes of the committee, so maybe try that because who knows, it could come out looking really cool!


Thanks for the added perspective, @ThePaladin. I agree that changing up the horns is a great suggestion by Chestnut and could look very cool while still maintaining the original essence. Out of respect for the process and to get this situation sorted sooner, I will work on adjusting the 3D mask model.

However, my sentiment remains. I believe there should be documentation in regards to better defining the threshold between inspired work and actual 1-to-1 IP infringement as the currently process still leaves a lot of grey area for subjectivity.


Appreciate the points brought up and I agree with the ones directed at the DG shoes. DG will be asked to alter the design. It shouldn’t have been approved due to the likeness of the Kanye West shoes, but sometimes these things slip through which is when it’s good to have the community point it out.

However I disagree with you that Archonomous’ design is repurposed sufficiently. Anyone who has played runescape, like I have, will immediately recognize it as the black h’ween mask without any doubt.

I appreciate the cooperation and making the changes necessary to resolve this :+1:

Creating documentation to define what is allowed when it comes to copyright infringement is very difficult, so in that case I think it’s best to adopt the attitude of better safe than sorry.

And in regards to your halloween mask, I know, because I am a long time osrs player, that anyone playing runescape would immediately recognize it as the black h’ween mask. So I think you would profit from the likeness of the black h’ween mask

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what about the fact that they were almost sold out on the market and the people that bought the original design

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i feel ya im wondering how this will effect drip kicks now as well considering i own 2.

tbf I don’t think the value in DG wearables come from the design. Although don’t get me wrong, I think their wearables look great, but their value is derived from something else entirely

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