Collection 'Hallowe'en 2021' created by PartyPete is ready for review!

so will it now become unwearable like the Hallowe’en 2021 mask until it is changed?

the point to me is a very grey area of operation. This item was approved i personally bought 2 off the market for 100 mana each. You are making it change to not what i bought

i saw the same unfair area trying to publish skins. DCl had approved upper bodies as skins but when i posted mine they were not approved. now there is a skin category and they are still not approved. Dcl need to do better in the area of fairness for all

Agreed as well just like the DCL cloak now the items we paid for will be altered. Considering the Drip Kick issue something paid for over 1000 usd in value to be changed. This is does nothing but make DCL look bad in my opinion. Especially since one reviewer can approve and another can just come along and change thier opinion on it and lock it from being worn or sold. Their should be a chairman or something that makes a final decision on infringement type issues.

Hello, Trevor ~ first off I want to say that I sincerely appreciate your support and I hear your frustrations regarding models changing post-acquisition. This has happened to me as well a couple of times already and it’s not a good feeling.

I am working on modifying the mask design and hope you will still love the in-game result. With that said, if you shoot me a DM on Discord (Archonomous#1409) I can hopefully make it up to you – this goes for anyone in the same situation as Trevor. Unfortunately this was not a predictable scenario at the time of approval, but I want to do right by the community.

Also for the record here, 50 of the 100 masks were sent to a burn address and many were also given away around Halloween for free, so the actual number of affected purchasers is not as high as it may initially appear. You may reference the burn TX below:

I agree that the similarities are there, being a RS player back in the day I agree I immediately think of that item from OSRS when i see Archonomous’ piece, I just didn’t think that it was an exact 1-1 copy like some other wearables I have seen approved, so in my honest opinion I thought it was a different enough rendition. I do think your feedback shows your integrity as a curator, the community certainly appreciates the committee making sure IP is not infringed upon in DCL.

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Not DCL’s fault. DG stole a design, it just slipped through the cracks. Not every curator is probably aware of every major fashion design released in the real world. I think the fault lies in who plagiarized the design. It is a legal liability even still after changing the design, the revenue has already been generated on a stolen design.

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yea @Chestnutbruze made right call. We dont need clones. Dg drip kicks and this Hallowe’en 2021 mask both look like clones and stolen IP to me. Def to close to originals. I Cant wait to see how they are both gonna be changed. :grinning: great job team. Let us all work together to keep IP infringement out of DCL.


Hello @Chestnutbruze & everyone, please see the latest resubmission for your review. Below is the new thumbnail for the updated design for reference ~ truthfully I dig this design more than the original and I hope that the community feels the same way about the added details. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Best ~ Arch

nice job, definitely made it your own :+1:
approving now


Much appreciated, Chestnut!