Collection 'Golfcraft - Urban Collection' created by Eibriel is ready for review!

Golfcraft - Urban Collection

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Golfcraft - Ubn Mechanic Jacket

Golfcraft - Ubn Mechanic Pants

Golfcraft - Ubn Mechanic Shoes

Golfcraft - Ubn Police Helmet

Golfcraft - Ubn Police Jacket

Golfcraft - Ubn Police Pants

Golfcraft - Ubn Police Boots

Golfcraft - Ubn Politician Hat

Golfcraft -Ubn Politician Suit

Golfcraft - Ubn Politician Pants

Golfcraft - Ubn Politician Shoes

Golfcraft - Ubn Punk Hair

Golfcraft - Ubn Punk Jacket

Golfcraft - Ubn Punk Pants

Golfcraft - Ubn Punk Boots

Golfcraft - Ubn Skater Hat

Golfcraft - Ubn Skater Jacket

Golfcraft - Ubn Skater Pants

Golfcraft - Ubn Skater Shoes

Will review collection now!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Looking awesome like always!
Just need to make sure the top part of shoe is only weighted to the leg bone and adjust the height of hips for the pants below.
Please also hide helmet, hat for the hats/helmets excluding the collection that each item is in

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Hi! sending the corrections:

  • Improved weights on “Golfcraft - Ubn Mechanic Shoes” to prevent gaps
  • Improved weights and geometry for “Golfcraft - Ubn Politician Shoes” to prevent gaps
  • Improved weights and geometry for “Golfcraft - Ubn Punk Pants” to prevent intersections


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Just a weighting issue with the Politician shoes. Make sure to remove any _end bones and not apply transforms after weighting

Uops, fixed. I uploaded the wrong file :+1:

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Make sure top part is weighted to leg bone only

Sorry about all the back and forth. I think we have it now.

The top of the politician shoes should be weighted only to the leg now.

Collection approved!

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Hi! We’ve updated the thumbnails

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Please remove any graphics from the thumbnails other than the wearables.

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(I don’t see a button to submit the changes now)

No need to push they are updated automatically. Unfortunately the statues have to be removed also and only a logo can be added other than the wearable included in the specific area.

Hi! We updated the thumbnails, removing the body

Collection approved!

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