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Glowing Party Hand

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Looks great :metal: It’s rock’n’roll an i like it :fire:


BUMP for approvale plzzzz :pray: :pray:


Hello @Lauretta @Shibu @HirotoKai @Chestnutbruze @Malloy any review please :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience! I saw you tagged quite a few people but I’ll be having a look at this now.

Currently there is no ‘hand’ category and if you wanted it to be earring you would need to align it to that category more accurately (currently not an earring at all) and take up 50% of the thumbnail. I can recommend if you want this it be part of the hands making it a sporty ‘upper body’ focused design but what you decide is up to you~

Also if you can update the thumbnail, in builder looks like this:

Good luck and let me know when it’s updated!

Hi @michi , thank you for your feedback, I just added an earring as you told me and I just changed the thumbnail which should work today. waiting for your validation thank you very much!!!

Builder _ Decentraland – Brave 16_02_2022 01_14_44

Hello! Can you please update the thumbnail to have the earring more than 50% of the image as per the category requirements?
If you can all just make the hand a bit smaller also, on second review it’s looking like it might cause some issues.

Once that’s set up I can approve~

Hi @michi , thank you for your feedback, I just uploaded the new thumbnail with the 50% requested. waiting for your validation thank you very much.

Builder _ Decentraland – Brave 16_02_2022 22_19_13 (2)

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On your recent update the faces are flipped, could you also reduces the size slightly of the foam hand to avoid clipping issues.
(I meant make the hand slightly smaller in world in my previous comment)

Let me know how you go~

Hello @michi , I have just made the necessary modifications, by even changing the earring to make it more rock :love_you_gesture:

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Really cool making a tiny hand for the earring! This is approved, thank you for your patience~

Thanks @michi your the best :love_you_gesture:

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I just changed the thumbnails of items, I’m waiting for your approval @michi :pray: :love_you_gesture:

This is all updated but to avoid these issues in future I’d really recommend designing your wearables with category in mind otherwise it’s hard to have a clear idea of what the item is.
Love this and good luck with it all!

Hey @michi just updated the category of my hand. Would be dope to be approved thx

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This category was designed for you! I’m so happy your wearable has a category now.

This has been updated and approved. Let me know if you come across any issues~~~ :hugs:

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Thank you very much @michi for the validation, let’s rock now !!! :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: