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Glitz Gloves

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Glitz Gloves - Pink & Black

Glitz Gloves - Gold

Glitz Gloves - Silver

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hi i will review this now

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right now the gold and silver do not suit the category, could you move the bit on the check to the forehead or ear lobe ( if you choose earlobe then set the category to earring)

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@Sango ok working on it now. Thank you.

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@sango I have updated the files & thumbnails for your review.

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“right now the gold and silver do not suit the category, could you move the bit on the check to the forehead or ear lobe ( if you choose earlobe then set the category to earring)”

the emblem on the cheek needs moving to the forehead to make it fit a tiara category or to the earlobe to fit an earring category

Love these! Can’t wait to wear!

@Sango just checking - am I able to have anything in the cheek if I also put something in the forehead?

@sango all updates have been made, the male versions all now have a tiara on the forehead. Thank you!

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thanks, could you make the tiara area geometry more noticeable in the thumbnail.

Hi @sango - can you please clarify? Do you want the tiara’s representation bigger in the thumbnail or do you want me to alter the colour of the tiara’s to make it more noticeable in the thumbnail thus altering the representation of the actual wearable in game?

@Sango the heads that contain the tiara’s are already greater than 50% of the thumbnail which is what you have approved in the past so I am a little confused here. I would really appreciate your clarification on this. I have included a thumbnail of similar that you previously approved.

im referring to the thumbnail, you have to remember it wont show this large in the market place and you can only make out the head not the the thing its meant to be showing. Let me know if you need further clarification :slight_smile:

Hi @sango I understand what you are saying. It’s just that the tiara is designed to be subtle - similar to how facial jewels are IRL (slightly translucent). Are you asking me to change my design?

If I were to change the thumbnail it would be misleading - currently the thumbnail is a true representation of the design in game.

The heads with the tiaras take up over 50% of the thumbnail which I was under the impression that this was sufficient for your approval - please correct me if not.

Can you please be completely specific on what you want?

  • larger tiara representation in the thumbnail? If so- how big does the representation of it have to be? Also, did you want more tiara focus and less head focus? (At the moment the heads show how large the tiaras are to scale)

  • brighter tiara representation in the thumbnail? Thus I would need to change my actual design

Thank you for your time.

@michi i was wondering if you were able to clarify for me as well? Thank you.

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as i said its the thumbnail. as it stands now, having the entire head in, you cant see the “tiara” parts in the thumbnail in the marketplace. this is what needs fixing. maybe try chopping the lower half of the head off and then increasing its size

@sango I understand now. Thank you. Will resubmit shortly.

@Sango thumbnails have been updated for your review. I really hope this is exactly what you are after. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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perfect! thank you. i will review it again

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This collection has been approved