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Mr Fish Bowl Head


Thanks for your submission. There seems to be an issue with your model and how its been analyzed. Can you please send me the .glb file that you have uploaded to . Thank you!


I’m sorry it took so long to respond, I didn’t think anyone replied to the post, I’ve been checking my emails but I guess I missed it.

I emailed you the requested file.

One issue I’m running into is:

I have 2 textures in the file only. for some reason, the builder says it has 3 textures. I can only assume that it counts materials with principal BSFD as a texture even if I don’t have any texture images in that material.

I have been trying to solve the problem of why it says I have 3 textures when I only have 2 but I cannot. I’ve reached out for help from several forums and 3d modelers and they all say I have 2 textures but they ask what engine I’m using the model for. I cannot find any information on what engine Decentraland uses or how they count the materials. if you can help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I can email you the blender file if needed.

These are all the files and material in the model.


Thank you so much.

Hey @ismaeel96 ! i have checked your model and its all good, geometry, materials, textures and skinning.
Looks like most hair styles are hiding certain parts of your model.
You may want to add any of the following items to the hide list to better display the fish.
Hair, Top Head, Mask, Facial Hair, Earring, Tiara, Hat, Helmet, eyewear

I was thinking about hiding hair and facial hair but ultimately decided against it, just so people have more freedom for customization, they can choose none for hair and facial hair, altho if you think it would be better to hide hair and facial hair, ill hide it, in your opinion, do you think its better or worse to keep accessories tho? I think it would be kind of cool to see people customize it with certain accessories and see how it looks, they can always take them off if they want, you guys have more experience than me, ill update it right now for the hair and facial hair, but let me know about the accessories and ill change that too if need be

If you prefer that way its ok!!

let me know if you want to change it or we can continue with the approval. Thank you

I hid the hair and facial hair only, thank you tho

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Great work! your wearable has been approved. Thank you