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Hey, just a couple gaps, and clipping issues. Make sure the lower area is perfectly aligned with the lower body and only affected by hips bone on male (female is good). Neck area has to only be weighted to neck bone for both male and female.

ok will make adjustments and send them to Annie to update. I’m the wearable creator for this:) So it’ only the Male version that is having issues right?

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Neck weighting issue on both

What do you mean by neck weighting issues they are both paired to the neck should they not be? Is there a list of what an upper body element should be paired to?

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Yeap but currently i think the neck area is also affected by spine and shoulder bones. make sure to weight paint the connecting part so its only affected by the neck bone

oh ok thank you sosos much for your help

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I just downloaded a model from dcl git hub with male female versions and did an object weight paint - then weights transfer weights and changed source layer by name…so should be weight painted properly now I hope - Should be good to go? Can they simply reupload the edited files? Or can I send them to you via discord?

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Youd have edit the representation on the builder.

k will ask her to update

Have made edits can you see if all looks ok now?

Just these gaps around the arms now. Also you have removed the female version, make sure to add it once you’ve updated the male version.

ok great fixed those normals and let her know to make sure to upload the womens again…just to be sure all she has to do is click on properties in the upper right to add it right?

Thanks again for all of your help, it’s very much appreciated:)

The updates have been made:)

Just these gaps around the arms on both male and female

I fixed that with the normals I thought…any ideas on what else it could be doing that? It looks fine on my end?

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Enable face orientation on blender and make sure its all blue

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found it…hehe…will fix and have her upload…another sneaky normals issue

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Just uploaded the edited versions…really hoping this is finally ok…:)…Please let me know.