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og fhirfly

Hey! I will check this collection :slight_smile:

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

inverted normals

add this categories to hiding list:

  • tiara
  • earring
  • eyewear
  • hat
  • helmet
  • mask
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I added those categories in the builder. is it ok now?

working on the normals

you will need to push changes, i’ll check collectino when you will upload model with fixed normals :slight_smile: don’t forget to add categories to hiding list once again after reuploading, because they’re resetting

Got it. I re-pushed as suggested with the updated normals and hiding list. Please check.

Thank you, I will check now

  • there are holes on hands, probably vertices are not welded, weld them please

  • looks like the same issue with the head, or, your UV map have wrong padding, for 512x512 texture minimal padding between UV islands should be 4px and margin 2px (you can read more about it here: Edge padding - polycount), but i think problem comes from unwelded vertices

  • legs and arms overlaps with other arms and legs parts, is it intended?

Changes made and pushed. Please view. Thanks for helping us make this great!

Also, the overlaps are intentional. Its like armour.

checking collection now… :slight_smile:

missing hiding categories :slight_smile: rest is good

Ok, I fixed the hidden categories :slight_smile: I forgot I needed to do that every time I uploaded a revision. Thanks so much for the patience and pointers.

Thank you! I will approve collection now!

collection approved!

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