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Doki Doll Face V1

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Doki Doll Face - V1


I really wanted to make some alternative faces for DCL so I’ve put out my first test batch! I hope you like 'em, I had a lot of fun making these!

To the mods reviewing this, two of my textures are AvatarSkin_MAT and AvatarHair_MAT. I heard it was okay to not count those in the final material count but if I’m wrong on this, apologies, I’ll get it fixed.

Here are some more pictures of them ovo, I’m not great at screen capping these, apologies!

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Such a unique style! Congrats on these @Doki really love this look and excited to see future creations! :revolving_hearts::sparkles:


Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it <3


Detailing and shading is next level…cannot believe these aren’t the default avatars :open_mouth:


Gosh, thank you ;w;
It was a pain in the ASS to get them to fit the same size as the avatars.


awesome and creative idea/execution

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Thanks, I appreciate that! <3

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This is awesome! Hope it gets thru review soon!

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Checking this out now!

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@Doki These look great. There’s just a little bit of messy geo under the chin that would be great to clean up.

Hiya! I just wanted to check if you meant the white splodge because if so, that’s the lighting (it moves along the chin/jaw line when it turns around.)
If not, could I possibly get a more specific pointer on what to change as I’m a bit stupid. Thanks so much for the help!

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Heya! I checked out the .glb file and its allgood.

Approved! Cheers.

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Not sure if push for changes are shown in the forum but I’ll just explain what the change was here in case. I didn’t spot it in the ropsten world but there’s a pretty small seamline along the middle of the face. I’ve expanded my UV margin and textured it further along and it seems to have done the trick.

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No prob. Re-approved !


Touched up the female’s head on the sides to fit a hairstyle I noticed it was clipping with, changed the male’s face a little and also updated the thumbnail.

@grimey I have updated this to hide masks too as there seems to be an issue in world with the eyebrows/lips coming through the face.

Hi @grimey I’ve updated the textures and meshes to these faces if you can check when you’re available : )