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Diamond Hands

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Diamond Hands - IHWT


Updated the thumbnail to fix the black hands!

Nice work! You might want to adjust the hip height of the female representation, there’s some clipping around the pelvis.

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Hi there, I am updating this wearable to fix the emission glitch from the wearables update a few weeks back. Only issue is that this wearable was unisex, and now I have separate designs for male and female.

Will it be possible to add separate designs, or will I have to stick with unisex?

Thanks for your time! :grin:

Hey, you can upload seperate designs if you’d like but both designs have to be represented in the thumbnail

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Hey Chestnut,
I worked on this update~
This has been now updated with male and female representation and the thumbnail will be updated to look like this. The representation change is quite minor, let me know what you think of the thumb nail. I’ve updated it to show full hoodie so the design is quite clear to the user~
(previously there was no female representation which isn’t the best)
Find attached the new thumbnail and also a preview to show the new representation:

Hey @Chestnutbruze ,
just following up on this. Adding the extra representation and not a gender specific design should be ok for approval or will this need updating. What did you think?

Thank you!

Looks amazing! Great job on this


Thank you so much :pray::cloud::v:t2::cloud:

Bump to close please @Chestnutbruze :cloud:

Hey, looks like the wearable has 4 materials and 4 textures, the limit is 2 mats & 2 textures

Hey @chestnut, this is two textures but builder shows 4 which is wrong~

Texture 1: Base material (emission)
Texture 2: Diamond Texture

(This is a common glitch in builder haha :cloud:)

Just following up on this, any action can take to get this closed?
It’s been updated and builder says 3 but as I said, it’s actually two lol

Let me know! :smiley:

Hey just following up to see what can be done to close this job? @Chestnutbruze
Bump post :cloud: