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DETF Club Jacket Green

Hey! I’ll check this now~

This is looking good, just some flipped faces at the base of the design:

Also can you send confirmation of logo usage to ?

Once all that is done let me know and I’ll re-review!

on it!, thanks so much

both is done.
jacket should be fixed from designer and email is sent

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hey its still not online yet. can we do something about it?

hey, sorry. Currently the email for some reason still hasnt been received by legal. Can you try once more and maybe attach the screenshot of the wearable?

yes just did it again.
maybe its in spam ?
we texted from

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Thank you, I’ll get back to you with approval when I hear from legal~

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Hey @web3ffiliates ,
just looking at this one last time before approving there’s some funny clipping on the back
(see the pink lines on the shoulder blades)

Have a look at adding a female specific version but up to you~
Let me know when it’s updated and I’ll approve this for sale!

got it, on it, we let you know!
thank you so much!

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we especially want to hold it like that. like female and male the same, thats why we calling it “club jacket”

please check and approve and thank you so much!

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any words? still not online yet

That should be approved but let me know if you have any issues, like the other collection you mentioned you had some issues with polygon. Please reach out and I can see what I can do to support~

works but same like other one!
appreciate it

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