Collection 'Demeter's Gold Thread Collection' created by TRYPTO is ready for review!

Demeter’s Gold Thread Collection

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Snapback Hat w/ Dreads- Demeter

Track Jacket - Demeter


Excited for our Review!

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Hi @Trypto

Cool design but as there is a logo and branding involved can you please send proof of IP use to for us take the review process forward, thank you kindly!


Fantastic it has been sent!!


Documents have been forwarded to the email above. Thank you.

Bump for update on legal docs review
*Event Approaching

TRYPTO!! These are the access tokens!? They look amazing! Bump for approvals we all hope these will be approved by the event!!

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Can you give a sneak peak of the womans line?

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Am I able to mint these from my site or must they mint directly to the marketplace?

Yes they are! This is going to be Huge!

Can we get an update today?

that would be dope!!! cant wait for them to drooooop

Should be cleared today! In time for our DG event!

@Trypto Legal checks out, reviewed and approved!

Amazing!! Thank you for your review!

fuego stay focused my guy