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Dána Project - Ireland Pendant

hi! checking collection now!

Thanks for reviewing.

The vertices on the shoulder I noticed. In my model there are no gaps, but in decentraland the gaps appear. Any ideas on how to fix?

Do I upload two separate models. One for male and one for female or what should I do?


yes, you should add female representation model here:

also, if you will try to move vertices in your 3d software, you will notice that they’re not welded, the reason why they move separately from each other in-game is “weights” influence on skinning, you should weld vertices to avoid holes during animtions

Hi, Thanks a lot for the tips. The models are now updated and fixed for male and female. Let me know what you think.

Hi, thank you! Few issues with skinning left:



Good spot. Updated across both models now. Thanks.

collection approved!

Thank you. Quick question. How do i change the thumbnail picture of the site? Also, is there a way to list on Opensea?