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Daddy Chang’s Mythic Relics 00

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Halo Of Light

Halo Of Balance


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Hey @DaddyChang ! I think the accurate category will be top_head.Can you change it to be approved?


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Hey Shibu, just changed them to Top Head :slight_smile:

Hey @DaddyChang ! Can you refresh the page in the builder? It seems that the items didn’t get upload to the Catalyst server.

Please check in world if you see them.


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Hey Shibu, yea it’s not in world, i mentioned about this issue before in discord but no one got back to me so i thought it was fixed! It also shows i can still delete item too, this is similar issue like today that wen i published it showed error, but i refreshed page it took my mana, and then shows it’s under review, later on i had to click forum post to post it manually, i’ll go find a refresh button to click in builder or something!

anyways yea i just refreshed link in builder Shibu! thx fo reviewing btw! And yea when i went in world it doesn’t show up in the bag, this was the issue i posted on 4th about it in discord:

thought it u guys were handling it so didn’t really follow up on it

Thank you!! Approved.

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ty vrglitch, and ty Shibu :smiley: