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D-SHiPS Sailors Hat

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D-SHiPS Sailors Hat

Hi! checking collection now! :+1:

  • i’m not sure about your logo, can you send IP rights to, thank you

  • i think it’s not possible to use your hat with other hairs (except standard ones), can you please add hair model to your hat? like on this example:

thank you!

We have not obtained trademark rights to the logo, but this logo will be the original logo we created.
If it is a logo with this text, would that be a problem?

You will need to mail and speak about that here: :sweat_smile:

I’ll try to contact them.

Hi! Thank you! I’ve got answer and there are no issues with your logo :purple_heart:
Please tag me when you will push updates for your hat

Thanks about the logo!
I have updated the hat with a hair model.
Review please.

Collection approved! :+1: