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cryptdelart swimsuit

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cryptdelart white lady swimsuit

cryptdelart white lady (s) heels

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Another case of a talentless copier trying to make some money with ripped models and not asking for permittance to use them? Yes.

Left: this one. Right: RGB Swimwear

Same mesh. Even the weighting and the Material name (“rgbswim”) is the same. I demand to shut this plagiat down. I haven’t agreed to that.


seems he stole the shoes from here also LadyLove Red Bottom Heels - Decentraland Marketplace

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Thanks Sango.

Artists who put a lot of work, time and money in these wearables can’t accept this and we must help each other here to find and take down such plagiats immediately.

As some might know, this is not the first time somebody tried to make easy money with my work here (see DaddyCool). And I am not the only one affected here. It may also be a form of admiration to be copied, but still I will bring down any copy I know of.


The download function of the meshes in the Decentraland forum/editor should be disabled to prevent plagiarism.

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excuse me who is the one working in decentraland here we have all evidence that we didnt take any copy from anyone this is the original 2D Sketch of our artist creating the clothes design from sketch then we converted it into 3D USING ANOTHER artist of us that created us 3D BASE ON THIS SKETCH IN CLO3D , we provided the decentraland artist those zprj file and images for reference to create our clothes in decentralnad and he sent us the glb he did

hi ,
i am the creator of this wearable and i did this comission for them
i used base meshes with little bit twiking to create this wearable this we mostly take base meshes for t shirts and hoodies but with our own design
i apologize if this hurt you as an artist and i personally feel sorry and i am the one who is alone responsible for that

“i used base meshes with little bit twiking”

Are you kidding with me? You obviously ripped my mesh 1:1 without my permission, reworked it only very little and just put your texture on it. I can clearly see the gold seam in “your” model, which has been only remapped from fabric to skin and is still there in the mesh. The UVs are also almost the same. You’ve even left the same material name in your model, “rgbswim”.

Here some detail shots. I hate it when somebody steals my work but what I hate even more is when people try to take me for a fool.

So don’t fool us here - you did the same thing with the shoes. If you don’t have a permission from us - its just theft of intellectual property. You could also be sued on this. So STOP this behavior and start building your models from the scratch or only from the official basemodels. It is illegal without a permission.

@CRYPTDELART - the texture design is not the problem, its the underlying mesh. And if I were you I’d claim my money back from this “creator” and hire someone else to rebuild the model. Also the result doesn’t match your design exactly :grin:

i am accepting it and @CRYPTDELART has nothing to do with it .
i realize it and it would not happen again

my modeler did not tell me that he is twiking the same mesh because when we have a work load we share it with other partners but i can totally see it am so sorry

because i myself work on the base mesh and i have done many projects for different people but i did not knew one of my own worker is doing that
i feel ashame and seeking and appology from you and i want you to get everything straight with @CRYPTDELART because its hurting there business due to our mistake.
they have nothing to do with it.

Correct, this can be very embarrassing for the customer. And very time consuming for us creators and curators.

yes i totally understand
can you plz clear him on twitter because its not his fault.
they are just a business doing there work

Hey Guys, i knew cryptdelart since a while ago and im working with them, they gonna not do anything wrong they build clothes from scratch & sadly to say they got scammed, we did before in server a live session drawing our swimsuits from scratch, everyone can see it there

I think we’ve already identified the problem and the cause and who to blame. The only question is how to prevent this in future. The texture design itself was never a subject here.

I doubt that theft of intellectual property can be prevented at all technically as it is a thousands year old problem. You could implement some kind of encryption to the DCL filesystem but everything can be bypassed somehow. Even then - the idea can still be stolen and how do you identify this in other metaverses?

I think the better way is to take care of each other here and immediately inform the victims, act together with DCL to block/ban such plagiats and blame the bad guys like we did here, or sue them. Thanks to MrDhingia who told me about.

And for the companies - if they want to do some contract work, they should pick only artists from the verified partner list to be sure - as the loss of reputation alone can be very hard, beside possible legal actions.

See the list here:

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we trying to put new file size but its say file more then 2 mb which is not the file is 1.25 mb and thumbail 0.72k how do we solve it ?

Reduce the thumbnail file size from 700kb to between 300 to 500kb. For example, by increasing the % compression when outputing the image file. I think the default in blender was 15%. Try 80%.

Other alternatives by decreasing priority:
Increase % compression on image textures
reduce thumbnail resolution
reduce image texture resolution

Just my recommendation.

kindly see the total of 2 thubmail and glb is less then 1.5 mb why it is saying its more then 2 mb ?