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Cowboy Farmer Hat

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OG Contra Band Farm Hat

hey will review this now

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

  1. Looks like hair needs to be hidden:

  2. And it appears to be rigged wrong in-game. Could you confirm this happens for you, too? Might be a builder bug.


Hi AndreusAs, there was some difference viewing in decentraland vs in preview. I was able to fix the rigging and make the hat larger / better placed to accommodate more variety of hair styles based upon the feedback.
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Rigging is ok, but consider adding fake hairstyle to the model or make it hide hair completely.


Hi AndreusAs, if I do wont I be determining the user’s hair color and how long their hair is? Is there any example documentation on how to do that? I think it’s good to allow the user to show their hair color and length. It looked good with a lot of different choices that can still give the user a lot of freedom when I tried it now. Will I need to do that to get approval?
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As for the color selection, refer to the “Hair and facial hair” section [here]. Basically you’ll need to assign the fake hair a material with certain name for it to propely change color. (Creating Wearables | Decentraland Documentation).

As for the length - unfortunately, it’s undesirable for the wearable to have clipping issues even with minority of other assets, thus it’s needed to have fake hairstyle attached to it.


Hi AndreusAs,

I found some good tutorial on hats and was able to make it hide/replace the hair and force the hair that I felt looks best with the hat. I think I got it all set up to the recommended way now. If I try to change hair it forces the one I chose. I broke it out to 2 genders and everything. The hair color is changing fine and it always looks good although I feel like I am forcing the hair style on the user lol.

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Collection approved!

Thanks AndreusAs I would have been bummed out with that bad rigging I had to start with. Now I know to use the play in game testing not only preview as well about replacement.

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