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Not sure if its just an issue with the builder, but have you tried viewing this inworld yet? In the builder nothing shows up.

Could be paint weight issue, or scaling issue if its not just the builder itself.


possible to make the change?

If so do you have a link for me to modify the object in question please

Hello, You override maks in the “hides” section that why we can’t see the model.

Okay thanks @Drylan.

Can you make the change please. thank you very much :grinning::grinning:

@Drylan thx this problem was resolved now.

@CLTRVLTR it was a mask issue only. Please confirm that everything is OK and exclude this object.
thank you very much

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Looks good now, everything shows up properly. See no issues :]

collection approved!

This item seems to be nearly an identical rip of the SV Classic Cigar wearable on the marketplace. Are items allowed to be nearly identical copies?

Hello @astawn,
The file has been awaiting validation for more than 15 days. indeed it is about a similar object but it is chance. good luck :grinning:

The sv classic was definitely existing prior to that. Just curious on what exactly are the rules when an item seems to be a near copy

Can you show the other wearable @astawn ? Thanks


Sure here would be the link:

Just to be clear, I’m not putting down the work of this creator. Just genuinely curious on the rules when items seem to be designed very similarly including similar item descriptions, and created around the same time as eachother. Smokeverse made sure there were no other similar works when creating his wearable, where as this seems to sugges anyone can find a unique creation which seems to be not on the market place and under review. Design a very similar item as that creator and just publish it as a common item with a super low mana cost, potentially ruining the other creators project

my friend, as I already answered you we released the cigar more than 15 days ago. at that time, this type of cigar did not exist on the market. we are like you upset to have had the same idea almost at the same time. it is neither good for you nor for us. however, we have in no way copied your article published a few days ago.

the time to publish and be validated we could not have done this in 2-3 days. If you look at the date of the topic it goes back more than 15 days.

sorry again for this project that we had at the same time and on the same date.


The sv classic would still have been published prior similiarly as you, it took about 15 days foe their approval

okay. you don’t want to understand while I’m trying to be nice. if you look at the dates we cannot have copied your cigar. it’s just bad timing for both of us
God bless you.
have a lovely day everybody

No it is not bad timing. Sv published theres on this very forum 19 days ago and yours 15 days ago. Seems too coincidental

So it seems someone can surf the review forums, create a similiar item as one under review, and then when published launch it at 1 mana to try undermine other creators projects?

@Costmemylife I didn’t even know the forums once the objects were published. I am new here. the resemblance of the 2 products is toxic for both of us. we have no interest in making copies!!

There was a similar case @astawn @Hbi93 : Collection 'ICE Joker' created by Saus is ready for review!

Is OK to have different variations of a cigar because the cigar it’s an archetype and the creators should not monopolize and control thematic designs. If the meshes and style are different then it’s ok and not a direct copy. Also i don’t see it’s infringing any IP.