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Cat and Mouse

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These are full skins and are not static - they also change color based on skin - and whiskers for hair


Hey @Xeta !
For full transparency as a new committee member I had made a misjudgement when interpreting the guidelines and allowing wearables that weren’t matching the basic base mesh structure and currently we’re not approving Skins that aren’t weighted to the avatar shape. Some really good examples of how it can be weighted are the official Birthday wearables by Decentraland.

This thread has some clearer discussion points from other committee members:

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss further. Let me know if you update and I can re-review! Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. :pray: :cloud:

Hi I’d like to bump this as it seems non humanoids are ok now? I’d like the cat and mouse as avatars. The color even changes with hair colors :pleading_face:

Bumping … I wonder where this goes

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Lol, I made a request in DMs to find some solutions to this and hopefully there will be a smart wearable one. This isn’t the only collection that has had the issue of requiring custom armature or a seperate representation for guidelines and game capability so a solution to this can actually help a few other projects also. I didn’t just ignore hahaha :rofl: