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Butterfly Prawn Motorcycles S1

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Motorcycle Type 2

Motorcycle Type 1

thanks for posting I will take a look at this model today

thanks a lot it was really cool approved

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hello, this collection has been disabled since the vehicles had to be on hold until further notice please change the models so just that they are a motor suit

Hi, can I know what is a motor suit?

Im sorry I dont know the word for it but it will be like this, just the suit

Hi, I wanted to create something unique. These track suits are very common. Possible for me to change the whole collection to totally something else instead?

I will have to talk the committe then ususally we allow changes that arent to drastic to the collection itself maybe you could changed to a couple of skins that are the driver of the motorbike

Will the concept of vehicles be allowed soon? If so, maybe I will hold further.

Furthermore, there were already buyers of these items. I feel that this is is not very fair to them to withdraw a collection after approval :frowning:

Hi, I am thinking of how to redesign to fit the rule. Is it passable for me to make a track suit skin with the motorbike as a backpack, so the rider will not be riding but just carrying it? I do not want to lose the bike just yet.


yeah I believe taht will work just make sure it doesnt overpass the limitations in size of the avatar let me know when you change it @butterflyprawn

Hi, I have tweaked the design. The bike is now the backpack. For your review!


Thanks for letting me know will review them again today

hello @butterflyprawn the wearable loks very nice before approving thought can you reduce the head a little bit since the with some emotes the head ocupies all the screen

OK, I reduced the head sizes. Hope it works!

nice will check it right now

thanks a lot for changing it approved @butterflyprawn

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Thank you so much! @Lauretta