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Budweiser x Zed Run

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Budweiser x ZED RUN shirt

  • Description: Budweiser Shirt
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: upper_body

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen



We have updated the representation issue.

Also the team sent information to


@fabeeobreen perhaps I need to bump this. (sorry if I didn’t)

Hello @VHSLABCreative !
Seems like you now missing the male representation. Do you want to have this female only?

Ok, this time I added the representation outside of the editor and it seems to be sticking this time.
I can switch between and see both no.

Hello @VHSLABCreative !
Now you only have the male version, which is not correct for the female body :slight_smile:
You want to have 2 GLB: 1 male + 1 female.
Then you proceed like this:
There’s a way to achieve what you need by first creating a male or female representation and then accessing the item detail page to create the counterpart using the context menu option like the following image shows:

It is what I just did. First time I added the other representation from the vertical … menu in the top right in the editor.
Second was from the item detail page.

Did it again.

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I’m seeing the same model for both male and female.
You should upload 2 different glb files:
Right now it looks like you are only adding the male glb.

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I think the asset.json in my files end up with both.

Updated the asset.json in both zip files I was uploaded and made sure it wasn’t referencing the two representations in one.

fixed the issue with the asset.json in the zip files.

Hello @VHSLABCreative !
.json files are not needed for wearables.
What you want to do is to export 2 different version (.glb) from your 3D application.
1 for the male
1 for the female
Then upload both in the DCL builder.
Right now there’s still only the male version correct. You are still usign the same glb for both.

You can preview your wearable if you open the builder and switch from male to female

I was using the zip as it had the custom thumbnail as well.
Updated by only uploading the glb and adding the other representation.

It views fine in the editor. (The fixed json version also worked fine)

You will need to upload 2 different .glb file (1 for fem and 1 for male)
Then you can update your custom thumbnail within the editor

Yep, was all done. Both models and also the thumbnail.

Hello @VHSLABCreative
I see both version but female one is not working:
You want to avoid any clipping with the lowerbody. (see gyazo)
Male version is good, fem needs to be fixed

That isn’t the female model. - created a gif from my editor view.

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Allright female is now showing correct! @VHSLABCreative