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Branded Sneakers

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**Branded Sneakers **

Will check these now!

Is this the published collection to replace the previously published shoes or are you keeping both?

Also is this an original design or a re texture of an existing wearable?

Hi @Yannakis . Sorry for the confusion!
So yes this will replace the older collection, so we would like to remove the old collection and only keep this one. The model is exactly the same, however, since this is a public forum we would not like to show who the client is to respect their privacy. The thumbnail will be replaced once the wearable is accepted (It is exactly the same, but will have the company logo on the shoes such as the old post).

So in short, keep this and remove the other shoe please ! (I am fully aware regarding the cost as it is in the terms and conditions)

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Looks like this is a retextured version of the default shoes. Please replace the model with an original design.

I’m sorry but do you mean that you think this is a default model of dcl or am I misunderstanding you? As I can confirm that we created these shoes in-house.

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

I will speak to my colleagues and get to the end of it. Could you kindly remove the printscreens since it shows the logo? I have taken a printscreen of your reply for future reference to show my colleagues thanks.

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Happy to do so! Please tag me here when you figure this out!

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Thanks Yannakis, sorry for the hassle

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Hey @Yannakis ! Just uploaded the latest file. For some reason the status is marked as “Unsynced”, do you have an idea what this means please?

Make sure the top part is only weighted to the leg bones
Will be synced when i approve on my end after the change is done

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@Yannakis Made the fix!

Still has the same issue and also some shading issues now. Lmk if you need help fixing them!

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Yes please actually

What I understood from your previous comment was to go onto the right foot and left foot to remove any weight paint on the top part (as you can see it is now in blue). And of course left the weight paint that was on the right and left leg as you can see in the 2nd printscreen. Could the shading issue be an issue with the size of the ankles? As the material is called AvatarSkin_MAT

Correct. This is the model u currently have in the builder:


Make sure the top has 100% ifluence from the leg bone and none from foot bone.
You should also mark these edges sharp to fix the shading issue:

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I honestly think I forgot to re-upload the previous model so sorry about that :man_facepalming:

So I re-uploaded the file and added the mark sharp on the top edge loop of the foot

Collection approved!

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Thanks for your help @Yannakis !

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