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Blocks Style

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Generic Block Toy Helmet


take my money man, this is legit cool

Hello! I’m sorry but I will need to reject this collection because of IP issues with LEGOs brand. If you change it enough to not infringe the IP I can take a second look!

@HirotoKai I have updated the design to remove references to LEGO IP. Please take a look!. Thanks!

@HirotoKai For your review once more. Thanks!

For your second review, Thanks!

Hi, I have changed the design, it no longer similar to LEGO. Can anyone help to review it?

@Yannakis @Lauretta possible to help? Not sure if @HirotoKai is still available


Hey, I can see you’ve been waiting two months. Thanks for reaching out, I’m sure @HirotoKai wouldn’t mind me closing this off lol

Can I get you to hide: mask, facial hair, hair, eyewear?

Hello! Hid the item as requested. Thanks so much!

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That’s all approved, thank you~

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@michi Thanks so much!!!

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