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Bershka Amnesia Steve Aoki POAP

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Steve Aoki Amnesia Bershka POAP

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey love this!
If this wearable is part of ‘earring’ category it needs something representing an ear design so can be headphones, earring etc. and needs to take up 50% of the thumbnail!

Please also provide confirmation to use the Steve Aoki brand/name to and I can then approve!

Thank you and let me know how you go~

Hi Michi,

Thanks for your answer.

Regarding the category, can we change to something else than earring maybe so we don’t have to change the 3D file ?

Regarding the confirmation to use the Bershka/Amnesia/Steve Aoki brand/name, we already sent it last week for this other collection and they already approved it :slight_smile: Collection 'Bershka x Amnesia Ibiza' created by 0xcfda...938ec is ready for review!
So I guess we’re good with legal already.

Please confirm,


Maybe change it to top head and yes! I can use the confirmation from the other submission, thank you for confirming!

Let me know when it’s updated to top head and I’ll re-review :slight_smile:

Thanks @michi ! I just changed to “Top Head” let me know if this is OK.

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Michi !

Done, let me know if this is ok.


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Thank you, this is all approved~

Perfect, thanks Michi !!

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