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Bershka x Amnesia Ibiza

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Discolight T-Shirt

Club Lights Dress

Club Lights Bermuda

Club Lights Shirt

Club Lights Top

Club Lights Skirt

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, please forward proof of rights to use Bershka and Amnesia to while I check the collection!

Hi @Yannakis,

Sure, just sent you an email from my @amnesia email.

let me know if you have more questions,
Thanks !

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Male Lower body: Legs are getting distorted with animations.
Female white shirt: Some minor clipping around the waist area.


Thanks @Yannakis , asking the team to fix :slight_smile:

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Hi @Yannakis I already uploaded the revised short, it’s fixed. Please check and let me know if it’s OK.

For the Female white shirt, the team told me they need to shorten it to avoid the clipping artefact, they are working on it.

Hi @Yannakis,

Both revised items are now uploaded.

let me know if everything is ok,
Thanks !

Looks good! Will approve and let you know once i get the approval from legal!

Great, thanks @Yannakis
Do you think we can have legal to approve today ?

I need to mint 5 units of each that we will immediately purchase for avatars of some influencers that Bershka will dress to do a “metaverse photo shooting” to promote the event. We will mint the rest of the quantity later for the store & marketplace.

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Collection approved!

perfect, thanks @Yannakis

2 small questions :

1/ Can I mint now 3 of each and mint the rest of the quantity that I need later ?
in “address” I need to put the wallet from where I uploaded the collection and then the quantity in amount right ?

2/ I see that it says :
“Some items have changes that have not been approved yet.” :
Discolight T-Shirt
Club Lights Bermuda
do I need to wait for these ones ?

let me know !

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Yes, you can. In address you type the address you want to send the wearables to and then the amount you want to send. Did you push any changes after the approval?

Hi !
OK for the 1/ perfect !
for 2/ no I did not push any changes after the approval, I don’t think so, do I need to click the “push changes” button ?

Yes if you made any changes that you want me to approve. If not then leave it as it is!

Seems to be the bermuda & the t-shirt only, so it’s the ones we already fixed.
I’ll push changes just in case so you can re-approve and then we are sure that everything will be perfect.

thanks Yannakis !

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I thought it would only push the 2 items in orange :scream: but seems like the 6 items went to “under review” again now, sorry about that, if you can approve asap it would be great, thank you for your help during the whole process :slight_smile:

Let me know if its all good now!

I did refresh, bit still seems “under review” with grey dots.
Attaching screenshot.
Can you check ?

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Should be good to go now!