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Hi! Will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

there is something wrong with your model

@theankou hello we are not see any problem in Editor, i don´t know where is problem

Please check my screenshot

builder preview not equal to game, please check your wearable in-game (go to collection → three dots → see in world)

At first we set normals correctly in blender but the hair didn’t show correctly in game

We flipped normals and now the hair is visible but we are getting weird shadows, any advice please on how to proceed correcting this?



try to use weighted normals modifier

@theankou Hair should be now OK in game, please check the model

@theankou the shadows appear on other base hair models as well, so it should be fine

no no, shadows on your hair looks very wrong if we will compare them with standard hairs, this happens because of unwelded vertices / bugged normals

@theankou and now how we can fix this problem? do you have some tips or documentation about this?

Send me model in PM, I will take a look

@theankou i don´t see message buton on your profile, and i don´t know how to send PM you.
can i send it on Discord or another platform?

@theankou Dropbox - Decentraland_CharacterV1final.blend - Simplify your life)

collection approved!