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OG Star-Ball Aura


hey @AtomicHydra ,
I’ll review this~

This looks strikingly similar to the 7 dragon balls from both dragon ball/dragon ball z. Can you please email confirming approval from any FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama

Let me know and I’ll re-review when you’re ready! Thank you~

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I didn’t realize the collection picture was that one It has been changed. It’s really unfortunate that these were a pass from the last curator but i understand why that may have been. I have nothing with copy rights involved you can show me a 2d picture of “Dragon Balls” anytime. I made these spheres and drew my own stars to Call them StarBall. 2nd i understand there are many other things copy written on your market already. I can name plenty of Zelda Merchandise and already there is Sayian hair with is litterally the names from Dragon ball z. If anything these balls are from a parody show my friend.

I was also already told to make changes to these so they did not have any likeness in name. I am not trying to be difficult but the amount of time and thought process that goes into it it very time consuming I know my legal very well. If these other things below that i have linked exist on the market already then this means DCL is already at risk for lawsuits. Just food for thought. Non of the Companies listed or involved with Dragonball and dragonballz allow anyone to use their art or copy video. This is known fact it is very hard to get approval from them. so where this leaves us is the differences and names that come with my own creations. Seeing people below who have Sword Of Truth content. I doubt they contacted anyone at Nintendo and got response this fast for that aproval.

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Also look up transformative use and fair use. My intention with the Aura is it is a fan made parody piece there is no copyright infringement. and if you need me to change the “color” to avoid likeness i absolutely can do that.

I hear exactly where your coming from and totally understand it can be stressful but regardless of what has previously been approved, everything is approved on a case by case bases. If you feel the likeness of other items are too close you are actually free to drop feedback to those creators or let the committee know it needs to be re-reviewed. We are usually on top of these things.

If you want I can happily talk through why other collections are the way they are but I’m sure you’d much rather have your collection approved and currently (even though you’ve said it’s been updated) I can’t see a distinct difference in design.
The reason it’s so important for creators to not be ‘pushing’ IP is because when these companies do want to enter the space they’ll think it will cheapen their product or confuse their brand integrity. Not only is the design the same but there are 7 dragon balls, 7 OG orbs. Colour is same and even in your preview you’re showing it with hair similar to dragon ball.

So someone doesn’t use your product as a reference as to why they should use IP from commercial media, I recommend sending permission to or updating the wearable to be an original design. If you also think this isn’t fair please let me know and I’m happy to support and to avoid looking like this is personal opinion I’m happy for you to @ the other curator to get a second opinion on this design so we can get this approved quicker~


I’ve removed everything I think was necessary. Please let me know what else needs to be done. Collection image should be different. there are no longer stars on balls. Balls are now called ORBS. @michi. Also just realized i must have changed the wing file by mistake making sure my wings dont clip the orbs so i think the Wings need re approval because they are un synched.

@michi Is there anything else that needs to be changed?

My friend, this is amazing! Love this update tbh.
I’m AFK but I’ll be back at my computer a bit later which is when I’ll approve.

Thank you again for being so patient and look forward to seeing this in DCL!

Im so glad to hear this @michi ! thanks <3

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Hey Shaun!
Thats all approved, thank you for your patience~

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Were you by chance able to check out why the wings Status color for me is yellow?

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