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EVA Helmet

EVA Pants

EVA Cover

EVA Boots


My genesis astronaut T.T i cant wait to submit my newest kawaii kawaii!!


Hey @decentrafun!

Look, the lower body and the upper body don’t match with the hips of the avatar. Each representation needs a to be attached to the hips properly. Otherwise, the wearables are not going to match with the rest of the wearables.

You can find more info about creating wearables here: Creating Wearables | Decentraland

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 13.25.36

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Great Idea of a Astronaut suit, i magine this has already been preassure tested on the avatar with the full suit in place, once we get a space port in DCL, next stop the moon. !

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Thanks for the feedback shibu. We tested it with the wearable on editor and we didn’t see a problem. Unfortunately the editor does not have more wearables to test on. Is there anyone I can ask for feedback?

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LOLOL that was a hilarious comment haha


Ahhhh!!! I think I was blind haha. Yup can be fixed ASAP. Thank you once again for feedback shibu


Shibu I decided to go for a full body suit because i had many troubles. I will be making 3 more suits but please check the EVA Earth Suit. That one i have tested it many times for both female and male and i think is good to go


I like this, when can i suit up and go to the moon in DCL !

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hahaha hopefully soon! :smiley:

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Not to be negative or anything, but a astronaut suit already exists in Decentraland. This will probably get rejected by the committee as it is a duplicate, although not exactly the same as another collection on L1.