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Ascension Wings by Baroque++

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Ascension Wings by Baroque++

Hey checking this out now!

Nice wearable! Since this is in the ‘tiara’ slot, it will need to have something above the players head close to where a tiara would be. Alternatively you could change the slot to ‘earring’ and create some small earrings on the character to go along with the wings. Currently there is no appropriate slot for wings.

  • On the male avatar the arms penetrate the wings during the run. See screenshot



I do not want to use the earring slot because I make lots of earrings and I want to be able to wear my earrings with these wings. I heard it was conventional (even mandatory) to place the wings in the tiara slot (there is lots of precedence for wings in the tiara slot. DCL is full of wings). If I can’t use Tiara, may I use Top Head? It extends well past the top of the head.

Thank you for the feedback on the run animation.

You can totally use top head, but there will need to be something floating above or on the avatars head added to the wearable. If you check the most recent wing submissions you’ll see this is now the standard -

The reason for this is to ensure we don’t have mis-represented wearables in slots. Since all the meta data is on the blockchain we can’t adjust these categories after the fact. It will mostly likely be required until there’s an official ‘wing’ slot.

Hello @grimey,

I made a tiara for the wings. Thank you for reviewing. I also bent the wings so they do not interfere with the running arms.

Hey thanks for fixing that! Sorry for not catching this earlier, but could you remove the avatar from the thumbnail so its clear what people are buying. Here’s a couple of examples of what I mean -


Let me know when its updated!


Thanks for the updates. Approved!