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JTV’s Wings

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Black Swan

Cupid Wings



real nice, black swan is madddd to be unique. cant wait!

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Nice looking renditions and color-ways. These will definitely be loved by the people.

nice unique love to see it

Resell going to be lit!

Lets gooo adding to my set IMMEDIATELY upon approval already have mana set aside for this they look amazing and you truly are the king of wings here in Decentraland!!!

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i ran out of likes today so tomorrow ill like it up haha! :smiley:

These are awesome ideas keep it up

Congrats @JTV for this awesome collection. =) #WingsHolderDCL

I know you guys are really busy looking through everyone’s wearables. I have a pair of Cupid Wings apart of this collection. I was hoping I could get them approved before Valentines. Thank you and I hope your day goes well!

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killer wings lets goooo

I loved it! All are beautiful

Taking a look at the collection now!

They all look great! Collection approved!

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