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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! :slight_smile:
Male version is good!

Thank you so much for your help!! we changed female file. Who can approve our asset?

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Hello @Regina ! :slight_smile:
Tech is good!

  • please update thumbnail (1024 square PNG with transparent background)
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Done! we added the png photo:wink:

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Hey @fabeeobreen ! Thanks so much for your feedback again!

Quick question here, if you may also help:

We have minted PUMA collection and DCL wearables a year ago

This is one of the wearables and it shows BY ARTISANT

This is our new wearables - but it shows a different address in BY

The question is - how we can mint assets and have BY ARTISANT in “by” field?

Hello @Regina! Collection is approved!

About Opensea:

  • Tender Touchline is (unique) 1/1 NFT wearables meaning it can have only 1 owner, which in this case is Artisant.
  • Meta Angels is (uncommon) 10000/10000 NFT and that specific one you are linking here (id: 3240) is owned by FedT
    Hope that helps
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Thank you! Makes sense!

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