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APIENS Golden Socks

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APIENS Golden Socks

Hello will check this now

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Male is good to go!
Check female: clipping with legs

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hi, I have no clue on how to proceed haha Can you explain?

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Yes sure! @realstation :slight_smile:
Male is working good, while female skin clips with the socks ( see images)

Select the vertices at the top of the sock and move them slightly away from the ankle.
Export again the .glb file.
Go back to the editor, click on your collection > preview in editor > top right corner, little pencil icon.
Upload your new glb.
Check its working fine with both: male/female

Otherwise you can create 2 glb: You can add different representation when you upload again your file.
Import glb > select male.
Go back in the collection panel, there you will click on “add” to upload the female representation

Le @ me know here when you are ready and i’ll check again!

Done, please check it